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Cup-A-Joe branding

This branding project mainly focused on updating Cup-A-Joe's logo identity. I wanted to give them a clean and elegant look while still relating to the handmade element that they are known for. The inspiration for the latte icon came from the hand-poured latte art they add to their coffees. Details like this, along with their homemade bakery items and handwritten chalk order board, are the foundation to their brand and therefore emphasized in their logo. 


Client // Cup-A-Joe


window decal

coffee ground bag

loyalty card

ceramic mug

Loyalty cards are a well-known part of Cup-A-Joe's business and was a priority when thinking about their brand re-design as a whole. The cards are stamp based with spots to represent each drink order. These spots start empty and then get stamped with a latte art detail after each order.

I suggested creating Cup-A-Joe's new logo into a re-useable stamp in order to provide a cost effective branding solution. This stamp approach compliments their simple packaging while staying true to their handmade roots.

Cup-A-Joe also sells products including coffee mugs and t-shirts in their stores. This created a need not only to re-brand these products but to design them so they are more marketable to
Cup-A-Joe's customer base.